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1. What's PowerRUN?
2. Applications which may not be moved to the Memory Card
3. How to use
4. Advanced usage
5. Caution
6. Trouble Shooting
7. Thanks from author

1. What's PowerRUN?

 PowerRUN enables applications to be moved from internal memory to a Memory card and enables them to be launched from the Memory Card (Memory Stick,MMC,SD Card ,CF card etc..) as if they resided in internal memory. PowerRUN supports these machines.  PowerRUN may be used to free internal memory by moving infrequently used software to the Memory Card. More frequently used software, or software with large databases such as dictionary or mapping software may also be moved to the Memory Card, but may take longer than is convenient to launch.

 On handheld with PalmOS4.0 or later , standard (included) software exists which enables applications to be launched from the Memory Card. However, PowerRUN is superior to this software because:

 PowerRUN is shareware. You can try it for 30 days .

@In the following instructions, CLIE series and m50X series will be referred to generically as Palm, and Memory Stick, MMC and SD card will be referred to as Memory Card (or Card for short).

  PowerRUN is shareware. You can try it for 30 days .If you want to use it after trial period, please register PowerRUN for $15 at PalmGear by pushing this button.

Download PowerRUN 1.3.1

Buy at PalmGear($15)
( you can download license file just after purchase. you don't have to wait for the registration key.)

For Registered User of previous version!

 You can upgrade to version 1.3 for FREE! Please follow these step

For Registered User who lost registration  You've gotten powerrun-license.zip when purchased. Please search it and install it over trial version. If you lost it, Please contact the reseller( PalmGear or Handango) and let them resend you license file.

2. Applications which may not be moved to Memory Card

 PalmOS enhancement type application (Hacks) may not be moved to the Memory Card (These tend to run under a hack manager such as Hackmaster or X-Master). PowerRUN tries to detect Hacks automatically and stops them from being moved to the Memory Card. However, there is a chance that PowerRUN may fail to detect a particular Hack, so please take care to avoid moving a Hack to the memory card.

 If an application fulfils either of the following two conditions, that application is likely to be a Hack, so please do not try to move it to the Memory Card.

  Condition 1  The application may be used while running another application.
  Condition 2  A Enable/Disable or Activate/Deactivate menu choice exists in the application.

 When an application is moved to the Memory Card, there will be some change in functionality (Exactly like the m50X series' built in function) as detailed below. If you do not like these changes, do not move the application to the Memory Card.

 Following application cause problem when moved to Memory Card. Please use in internal memory.

3. How to use

Step 1

 Install PowerRUN ( powerrun-english.prc )  by Hot Sync or via Memory Card. Please refer to the manual for installation instructions.  When PowerRUN is launched for the first time, You will be asked if you wish to "Activate PowerRUN?". You should answer "Yes". Your Palm will then be reset and PowerRUN started.

 PowerRUN must be in internal Memory. Do not install PowerRUN on the Memory Card!

Step 2

  Applications must be moved to the Memory Card using PowerRUN itself. PowerRUN cannot launch applications which were moved earlier using a different mechanism. If the application which you wish to launch using PowerRUN is already on the Memory Card, use Home's Copy menu (m50X series) or MsGate (Clie series) and move it to Internal memory first.

Go to Home and execute Copy from menu( m50X series or Clie with PalmOS4.0) Use MsGate ( Clie series)

Step 3

 Insert Memory Card and launch PowerRUN.  On first launching PowerRUN, there will be a screen which looks like this.

Name the Memory Card.

 On this form, the Memory Card must be given a name. When multiple Memory Cards are used, PowerRUN will detect when an application is on a different memory card and prompt you to change Memory Card with this name. It is therefore to your advantage to give a name which allows you to easily identify a particular memory card (e.g. MS8, MGMS32, GameCard ..)

 When you have more than 1 memory card, PowerRUN request you to choose meory card . You can always change the target memory card by tapping the name of memory card on the right top corner.


Step 4

 Now the application may be moved from internal memory to the Memory Card or back to internal memory.

 You can change the displayed list (Internal applications or Memory Card application) by tapping the pop up trigger in the upper righthand corner.

List of internal applications. In this screen, the free memory of internal memory and memory card is displayed. If the free memory is low, PowerRUN displays it in RED.  You can change the displayed list (Internal applications or Memory Card application) by tapping the pop up trigger in the upper righthand corner. List of applications in Memory Card. PowerRUN displays applications controlled by PowerRUN only.

 Choose an application and push "Move" button to move the application between Internal memory and Memory Card. You cannot copy an application but only move it.

 On the screen, the application is listed with memory consumed and the approximate launch time when launched from Memory Card. Choose which applications to move to the Memory Card by asking yourself the following questions:

 If the application is a Hack or an application with an alarm, PowerRUN will show an alert.

Step 5

@There are two ways to launch the application from Memory Card:

  Method 1: In the PowerRUN screen, choose the application and push "RUN" button. You can choose Jog Dial (Clie series)
  Method 2: In the Home screen or third party launcher, tap the Icon of application. (Powerrun controlled memory card applications have "*" at the end of the name and a short cut mark at the left lower corner of original icon)

 While launching and quitting an application, there is a screen that shows loading status .  If a database is necessary, PowerRUN saves them to the Memory Card automatically.

Applications on the Memory Card. Application name has "*" at the end of name and short cut mark in the icon.( On Palm OS 5, mark is not attached.)
If the Memory Card is not the one which contains the application, PowerRUN requests a card change. Loading screen( Japanese version)

Deleting or updating PowerRUN

 If you wish to delete or update PowerRUN, Move all application to internal memory and delete it in Home screen.

Miscellaneous Informations

4. Advanced usage

(1) The following advanced features of PowerRUN may be selected from the PowerRUN menu.

"Move App only"

 When an application is moved using the "Move" button, the application itself and all related data will be moved to Memory Card. and files created after that will be saved to Memory Card automatically.
 If the application is moved using this by this menu item selection, PowerRUN will move the application only and leave the applications data in internal memory. Any files created after this will also remain in internal memory. The application may in this case be launched more quickly but less internal memory is saved.

 Use this feature when you want to launch an application quickly or a problem occurs when the application is moved using the "Move" button.

"Delete shortcut"

 You can delete an application shortcut for one Memory Card (only shortcut is deleted, application itself will remain).
 Use this feature when the name of the Memory Card is changed (All application shortcuts will appear twice), or you decide not to use one Memory Card and wish to delete shortcut for that Memory Card.

"Update shortcut"

 This menu will investigate all shortcuts in the internal memory and all applications in the Memory Card, and create any missing shortcuts or delete shortcuts for which no corresponding application exists on the Memory Card.

 Normally you do not have to use this menu. But when you use application to Memory Card by other utility or you lost shortcut for some miss operation or delete application from Home screen.


  You can send application via InfraRed.


  You can send application via BlueTooth etc.

(2) Upgrading Memory card.

 To upgrade memory card, Follow these step

   a. Copy entire contents of old memory card to PC( Clie user can use MS Import/Export. Other user can use CardExport software or USB memory card adapter or PC card type adapter)
   b. Copy files to new memory card.
   c. Insert new memory card and launch PowerRUN. Execute "Update shortcut" from menu.
   d. Execute "Delete shortcut" from menu and choose old card name and delete it.

5. Caution

6. Troubleshooting

(Trouble 1) When I quit application, application remains in Internal Memory.

 There is a chance that a Hack conflicts with PowerRUN. Please remove Hack type software and run PowerRUN again. Now, there is a report that Launch'em Hack conflicts with PowerRUN and causes this trouble.

(Trouble 2) When launching an application, PowerRUN say "Internal Memory full"

 This messages shows when not enough Internal Memory is free to load application. Please move more applications to Memory Card or increase free internal memory in some other way (e.g. delete unused software from internal memory).
 Clie S300/S500C/N700C/N710C require approximately 2.5 times the application memory free in internal memory to load files. So if your application uses 1MByte, you need 2.5MByte free internal memory is required. Palm m50X series and Clie S320/N610C don't have this extra overhead.

(Trouble 3) In Clie, PowerRUN does not show applications which I moved by MsGate

 PowerRUN stores applications in PowerRUN's specific area on the Memory Card (/Palm/Programs/PowerRun/). Move application back to internal using MsGate and move to Memory Card again using PowerRUN.

(Trouble 4) In Palm m50X series or Clie S320/N710C, PowerRUN does not show applications which I copied using Home's Copy menu.

 PowerRUN stores applications in PowerRUN's specific area in Memory Card (/Palm/Programs/PowerRun/). Move application back to internal memory by Home's Copy menu and move to Memory Card again using PowerRUN.

(Trouble 5) When I moved some application to Memory Card, application will not run or causes Fatal Error.

 You cannot move PalmOS enhancement type application (aka Hacks). PowerRUN tries to detect a Hack and stop them from being moved. However, there is a chance that the detection fails. There are some other applications which will not function identically as when run in internal memory. Please move these applications back to internal memory. Please refer to "2. Applications which you can't move to Memory Card"

(Trouble 6) When I moved Scheduler or reminder software to the Memory Card, Alarm won't come up.

 Applications on Memory Card cannot display Alarms. Move the application back to internal memory.

(Trouble 7)I cannot use the global Find to find data on the Memory Card.

 Applications on Memory Card cannot. Launch the application so that it is running from internal memory and do find.

(Trouble 8) Application on Memory Card will not show in Launcher screen

 Short cut file may be deleted. Launch PowerRUN and execute "Update shortcut" from menu. PowerRUN will create missing shortcuts again.

(Trouble 9) When I moved application to Memory Card, I cannot switch application or link ( mail to web browser etc..)

 In applications such as  Web Browser, Mailer , Office application, application switching or linking is sometime impossible. Move these applications to Internal memory.

(Trouble 10) In PowerRUN's application list, application name is displayed with "(ERR)"

 PowerRUN displays this name when there is no corresponding application on the Memory Card. Delete this shortcut or execute "Update shortcut" from menu to remove the shortcut.

(Trouble 11) When deleting PowerRUN, the message "Can't delete PowerRUN" is displayed

 In earlier version of PowerRUN, You need to deactivate PowerRUN before deleting or updating PowerRUN. Launch PowerRUN and execute "Deactivate PowerRUN" from menu,

(Trouble 12) When updating PowerRUN, Hot Sync reports error or File moving reports error.

 In earlier version of PowerRUN, You need to deactivate PowerRUN before deleting or updating PowerRUN. Launch PowerRUN and execute "Deactivate PowerRUN" from menu,

(Trouble 13) I installed PowerRUN and launch it. But it displays nothing in Memory Card view.

 This is normal, PowerRUN displays only applications moved by PowerRUN. If there are applications on the Memory Card already, move them back to Internal memory and use PowerRUN to move them to the Memory Card.

(Trouble 14) I deleted an application on Memory Card from Home, but it remains in Memory Card.

 You must delete application using PowerRUN when it is on the Memory Card. Home's delete menu deletes only the shortcut to the application - the application itself remains on the Memory Card.

(Trouble 15) I beamed application on Memory Card to other Palm device, but when he/she launches it, it crashes.

 If you beam an application from Home, only the shortcut is transferred. Move the application back to internal memory temporarily using PowerRUN and then beam it.

(Trouble 16) How can I update an application on the Memory Card?

 Please follow these steps to update application on the Memory Card.

  Step 1 Move application back to Internal memory using PowerRUN
  Step 2 Follow the manual of application and update it.
  Step 3 Move application back to Memory Card using PowerRUN

(Trouble 17) It takes such a long time to launch an application.

 PowerRUN copies all files into Internal memory when launching. Therefore, applications with large file (for example mapping, dictionary, database software) will take a long time to launch (for example 1MByte application will take about 15 seconds or so)   Please contact application's author and see if the application is Memory Card compatible or not.
 You may choose to move only the application to the Memory Card using PowerRUN's menu ' Move App only' . In this case, launching is faster but data file remains in Internal memory.

(Trouble 18) After quitting an application, It goes to PowerRUN's screen not Home screen.

 We usually quit an application by tapping home icon or pushing the application button. However, some applications have a feature to quit application by itself.
 When running an application in internal memory, we go back to home screen, but when quitting applications on Memory Card (run via PowerRUN), we go to PowerRUN's screen. This is due to a technical restriction and is not a bug.

(Trouble 19) Installed Japanese version of PowerRUN, Cannot delete or update it!

 Launch PowerRUN and choose third menu item of left menu.(See the picture)  Then push button in the following screen. HandHeld resets and you can delete PowerRUN from Home screen.


(Trouble 20)While moving an application to the memory card, PowerRUN displays 'Already exists'. However, I cannot find it on card.

 There is a chance that your palm reset or caused an error while moving the application and there is a mismatch between short cut in internal memory and the memory card. Please execute 'Update shortcut' from PowerRUN's menu. This will synchronize all short cuts with the memory card and you will see applications on the card.

(Trouble 21) After I moved an application to th ememory card, I cannot see it.

 This is due to bug in PowerRUN1.1b2 or earlier. You can fix this by

  Step1) Execute 'Update shortcut' from PowerRUN's menu.
  Step2) Execute 'Delete shortcut' from PowerRUN's menu. You will see (No Name Card) on the card list. Select it and push "Delete" button.

(Trouble 22) All icons are duplicated

 This is due to bug in PowerRUN1.1b2 or earlier. You can fix this by executing 'Delete shortcut' from PowerRUN's menu. You will see (No Name Card) on the card list. Select it and push "Delete" button.

(Trouble 23) PowerRUN crashes when launching

 There is a known conflict between PowerRUN and PalmZip(!Pzip) due to bug of PalmZip . IF possible, stop using PalmZip. Author of PalmZip knows its bug.

(Trouble 24) On Clie, Application runs in HiRes mode although it's excluded from HiRes assistant.

 PowerRUN is not compatible with SONY's HiRes Assistant. Please use Switch ( Mr. Imazeki) or PowerHires( my work) instead.

(Trouble 25) When moved Palm Reader to memory card, Icon disppears.
 Please update Palm Reader to the latest version

(Trouble 26) After changing memory card's name, Can't launch application on memory card.
 Follow this step.

   1. Execute "Delete shortcut" from PowerRUN's menu to delete old shortcuts
   2. Execute "Update shortcut" from PowerRUN's menu to create new shortcuts.

 By this operation , all applications on memory card are assigned to Unfiled category.

(Trouble 27) My handheld hard resetted and all my apps are gone.

 Please execute "Update shorcut" from menu and your apps will recover.

7. Message from author

  Thank you very much for using PowerRUN. The Clie and Palm m50X series is a great product, and Memory Card support provides unlimited storage capacity for a Palm handheld.  I hope PowerRUN helps you in storing many applications on the Memory Card.

 Please get latest information from http://simple-palm.com. There are many other useful programs other than PowerRUN. and send comment or bug report for support@simple-palm.com by e-mail .

:Special thanks to Paul Venkatesh. He refined this manul .

(c)2001-2003 Simple-Palm
by Hacker Dude-san ( YAMADA Tatsushi)
e-mail: yamada@simple-palm.com