Thin Font Fix 1.0b3

(c)2001 Simple-Palm By Hacker Dude-san

1. What's Thin Font Fix?

@CLIE's HiRes screen is great.but sometimes it's HiRes font is too thin to read comfortably. This software enbolds it. ThinFont Fix runs on Clie with high resolution screen and Palm OS 3.5 to 4.1. This program is NOT compatible with Clie with Palm OS 5.0 or above.

Download Thin Font Fix1.0b3

2. Usage

 Install thinfont.prc and launch it. Push "Fix!" button to enbold hires font.Reset to revert it.
 When your clie resets, font will revert to original. You have to launch ThinFontFix again to enbold font.

 If you check "Auto Fix after Reset" , Thin Font Fix fixes after each soft reset.
Icon of Thin Font Fix After launching. Here's original thin font. 
Push "FIX!" button to enbold font.  "Auto Fix after Reset" is conveinient option for those who do reset frequently.
Example of original display. With Thin Font Fix . Everything is bold and easy to read.

3. Cautions

(c)2001 Simple-Palm
by YAMADA Tatsushi ( Hacker Dude-san )